Links and Articles

Links and Articles

Sexual Assault / Sexual Harassment

Innovative ways of tracking sexual predators Project Callisto

Story of a male Naval Officer who experienced sexual assault

Workplace Investigations

Dr. Elizabeth Loftus – TED Talk on False Memories  How Reliable Is Your Memory?

False Memory Syndrome

Bullying and Harassment

Being Bullied? Start Here

Edmonton police work was jeopardized by harassment on the job, says former civilian employee 


How the Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series 

Health and Wellness

Girls’ Night Out A look at the prevalent and dangerous culture of binge drinking and young women.

13 Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

10 Ways To Change Your Holiday Outlook And Fend Off Stress Huffington Post

10 Relaxation Techniques That Zap Stress Fast WebMD

What are Psychosocial Risk (PSR) factors that Impact Organizational and Individual Health



Horsemanship and Horse Health

Normal Horse Vital Signs and Health Indicators The

Equine Colic The

Influencing Your Horse’s Behavior & Developing Trust with Mouth TTouch

Belly and Rib Cage Lifts

Leadership in the saddle. Using no reins, showing the horse where to go through your body language.

Improve Your Riding:How to fix your Chair Seat Position 

The Path of the Horse – Full Length Documentary

Developing an Independent Seat Meredith Manor International Equine Centre

Improve your stability in the saddle by riding on your thigh