Lessons from the Horse

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Lessons from the Horse

C2C Consulting with Horse Trainer, Tracey Skinner, incorporates experiential learning with horses to help individuals in their professional and personal pursuits. C2C Consulting customizes the workshops to meet the needs of our clients. We utilize a variety of techniques to engage the participants, including hands-on-work with the horses, open discussion, group interaction, independent work, and journaling. Participants work with horses, on rope/halter or at liberty.

The groundwork exercises will expose the participant to the philosophy of Natural Horsemanship, which focuses on the horses’ natural instinct, and methods of communication and learning. This methodology encourages individuals to seek to understand the horse and how our body language and inner dynamics impacts the horse. It is through this interaction that participants are encouraged to relate their experience and learning to how they relate to others in their professional and personal lives.

Lessons and insights often observed during the workshop are:

  • Leadership
  • The difference between Aggressive, Passive Aggressive and Assertive behaviour
  • Setting boundaries
  • Follow-up and follow-thru
  • Being fair, yet firm
  • Understanding how our body language impacts those around us
  • Recognizing when Cognitive Dissonance exists
  • Authenticity and self-awareness
  • Strong and clear communication

C2C Consulting avails themselves to:

  • Senior leadership teams, Middle-Management, and Employees
  • Individuals who have experienced bullying, harassment, sexual assault, or other workplace issues, or those identified as being the perpetrator of such behaviour to aid in the restorative justice process.
  • Those seeking to strengthen aspects of their professional or personal lives

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