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Committed2Change Consulting  is committed to providing clients quality service and outputs.  We will work with you to ensure that our focus of being People Driven and Solution Focused, meets and surpasses the needs and expectations of the people and organizations we work with. Our various services and our strong network of associates and support staff provide unique opportunities to strengthen the fabric of your organization, through proactive and reactive solutions; built on the premise that challenges are opportunities for growth.

Committed2Change Consulting is committed to being a stronghold for organizations and individuals encountering workplace issues.  Issues, including but not limited to sexual harassment, personal harassment, bullying, conflict, sexual assault and other criminal offences. Committed2Change Consulting ensures quality interviewing, investigations and documentation, to safeguard the integrity of the inquiry and mitigates the client and Committed2Change Consulting, from future legal scrutiny.

Our Founder and President

Marlene Hope, Founder, and President of Committed2Change Consulting served with the Calgary Police Service (CPS) for 26 years.  Her roles included supervisory duties as a Team and Patrol Sergeant, and investigative duties as a Detective in the Specialized Investigative Section, assigned to the Sex Crimes Unit (SCU) and Behavioural Sciences Unit. During her time with SCU, she worked with Calgary Communities against Sexual Abuse and Alberta Health Services to implement the Third Option Program. This program allows those who make a complaint of sexual assault, to have the forensic evidence collected and preserved up to a year. This option allows them time to make an informed decision as to whether they wish (or not) to participate in the judicial process.

Marlene has certificates in Criminology (University of Windsor), Human Resource Management (University of Calgary), Senior Police Administration (University of Calgary), Mediation /Third Party Intervention (Justice Institute of British Columbia) and Equine Facilitated Learning. She received training in the area of workplace investigation and assessments from Rubin Thomlinson, Toronto, ON and is trained in Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview ( FETI ©), and Neurobiology Trauma Strategies for Investigation of Sexual Assault.

Marlene believes in life-long learning and continues to seek opportunities to strengthen her knowledge and skills in all her areas of specialties.  She is an active member with the Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI), the premier professional associations for those involved in workplace investigations. Her clientele has included Fortune 100 companies, large corporations, and Post-Secondary institutions; she is comfortable working in unionized environments.  Marlene brings her skills, talents, collaborative style and a strong network of associates to maximize Committed2Change Consulting’s capacity to provide its clients with optimal service.