Equine Facilitated Learning

Equine Facilitated Learning

  “The horse is a great equalizer; he doesn’t care how good looking you are, or how rich you are, or how powerful you are – he takes you for how you make him feel.” Buck Brannaman

It is the horse that sees us for who we are, and without words tell us if we:

  • Are authentic
  • Can be trusted
  • Have crossed their boundary
  • Try to control and dominate
  • Are anxious, fearful, angry, passive, aggressive, assertive (and the list goes on).


The horse responds to the inner dynamics of people, as a matter of course; without judgment, blame, manipulation or deceit. Because they are a herd animal, they immediately view us in relation to our impact on them and the herd. The horse operates in the present and reacts and provides immediate feedback. Whether we are projecting false truths, seeking to hide inadequacies, or displaying assertiveness, firm boundaries, or trustworthiness; the horse will always see the truth. They demand authenticity, and because of that, they will not allow cognitive dissonance to go unchallenged. The horse shows and reacts to what lies beneath our surface; they challenge us to become effective, authentic and transparent. Read more on the Lessons from the Horse Workshop and Training offered by C2C Consulting.

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Equine Facilitated Learning

The horse responds to the inner dynamics of people, as a matter of course; without judgment…

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